An open letter to Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray

From: A verified voter in Vancouver, WA

May 3

The antisemitism awareness act that was just rammed through the House is a steaming pile of bullshit. For one, I don't think anyone has thought through this very far, and what the implications of such a bill passing in the current political environment might be. I've already seen people blaming this bill on "the Jews", saying it's anti-Christian. I don't know enough about either religion to make a call on that, but hey, that's what you've got advisors for, right? Secondly, and more importantly, banning criticism of Israel? Israel is commiting a genocide against the Palestinian people. Have been for a long time, from what I know, it's just flared up recently. That deserves to be criticized. It needs to be stopped, too, but at the very least it needs to be criticized.

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