Comprehensive action regarding Palestinian Rights and Statehood
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Comprehensive action regarding Palestinian Rights and Statehood

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Long Grove, IL

May 14

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States, submit this petition urging immediate action to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine and to advocate for the recognition of Palestinian full membership in the United Nations. The Palestinian people have endured decades of oppression, displacement, and violence at the hands of the Israeli government. Gross human rights violations and noncompliance with international law have perpetuated this crisis, demanding urgent intervention from the international community. Therefore, we call upon the United States to take the following actions: 1. Recognize Palestinian Full Membership in the United Nations: We urge the United States to support the full membership of Palestine in the United Nations, granting them the rights and protections afforded to all member states. 2. Impose Sanctions Against Israel: In response to gross human rights violations and noncompliance with international law, we request the imposition of targeted sanctions against Israel until it ceases its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and respects the rights of the Palestinian people. 3. Designate AIPAC as a Foreign Entity: AIPAC's undue influence on U.S. politics undermines our democratic process. Therefore, we call for the designation of AIPAC as a foreign entity to prevent future bribery and manipulation of American politicians. 4. Accelerate Refugee Plans and Recognition Programs: Given the dire conditions in Palestinian refugee camps, we urge the United States to implement accelerated and streamlined refugee plans and recognition programs to accept Palestinians into the country, providing them with safety and security. 5. Advocate for Equal Rights and Sovereignty: We call upon the United Nations to progress towards a solution that ensures equal rights for Palestinians and recognizes their sovereignty over their land. 6. Request International Military Intervention: To protect Palestinians living in occupied territories, we urge international intervention to provide security and prevent further violence against innocent civilians. 7. End Illegal Occupation of Palestinian Land: We demand an immediate end to the brutal and illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, in accordance with international law and UN resolutions. 8. Initiate Legislation Against Anti-Palestinian Speeches and Racism: To combat hate speech and discrimination against Palestinians, we request a congressional hearing to discuss and enact laws preventing anti-Palestinian rhetoric and racism. We believe that it is the moral responsibility of the United States to stand up for justice, human rights, and equality for all peoples, including the Palestinians. We urge you to consider our petition and take swift and decisive actions

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