An open letter to Sen. Murray, Sen. Cantwell.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Murray, Sen. Cantwell

From: A verified voter in Vancouver, WA

June 2

I am your constituent and I urge you to support the bipartisan Railway Safety Act. It’s been over a year since a Norfolk Southern train carrying thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. This derailment was caused by a b that ignited a fire, burning for over twenty miles before the cars careened off the tracks. Clearly, tighter railway regulations are needed. This Act would ensure the Department of Transportation (DOT) issues safety regulations for trains carrying hazardous materials by requiring that rail carriers: - Provide state emergency response commissioners with advanced notice and information about hazardous materials. - Reduce blocked rail crossings. - Have a minimum two-person crew for certain freight trains. - Comply with certain train length and weight specifications requirements, track standards, speed restrictions, and response plans. Train derailment disasters must be prevented. Please support S.576. Thank you.

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