It is time for President Biden to move on.
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It is time for President Biden to move on.

To: Sen. Bennet, Rep. Neguse, Sen. Hickenlooper

From: A verified voter in Longmont, CO

July 10

I am asking you as Democratic leaders and my representatives to tell President Biden it is time for him to step aside. While his presidency has largely been a legislative success, the stakes are too high in this election to be complacent. He has shown that he does not appear to have the capacity or the popular support to defeat an extremely dangerous opponent. This is not about loyalty to Biden or the Democratic Party, this is about saving our democracy and our way of life. The Trump-led Republican Party is now an extremist anti-democratic party. We know exactly what they will do. They showed us in 2020. We need a strong candidate who can have a truly decisive victory. As it stands now, it is very likely that only a handful of counties in a handful of states will decide the election. Colorado is not one of those states. I plan to vote for the democratic candidate no matter what, but due to the electoral college I feel I have very little say in what will ultimately happen. This is me pleading with you to do what is right for the country. Read the editorials, or even watch the candid but very incisive commentary from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Biden was great in 2020, and he has served his country well, but it is time to move on.

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