An open letter to Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Kelly, Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Kelly, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

April 26

Netanyahu is not the president of the United States. But he acts like he is. He demands that we stop demonstrating against genocide. Netanyahu is a genocidal hypocrite who thinks he can tell the United States citizens that we're not allowed to denounce genocide. College students are demonstrating against genocide. The student demonstrations are not anti-Semitic. Anybody that claims the demonstrations are anti-Semitic are obviously hiding their own responsibility for the genocide. Jewish students are leading the protests to stop the genocide of palestinians. People who have the courage of their conviction will say no to genocide. Everybody that pretends to be a Christian and supports genocide is just as evil as Netanyahu. Yes, I am condemning a good portion of the money that keeps you in office as being corrupt. Americans demand the right to say no to Israel's crimes against humanity. We demand an end to the blind and unconditional support of Israel. After decades of giving them billions of dollars, don't Americans have a say how are tax dollars are spent? Can't we at least say no to funding crimes against humanity? Are you listening?

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