Oppose military aid fueling Israeli-Palestinian violence and oppression
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Oppose military aid fueling Israeli-Palestinian violence and oppression

To: Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler, Rep. Lee

From: A constituent in Oakland, CA

May 15

The Biden administration's decision to send over $1 billion in additional arms and ammunition to Israel raises serious concerns about enabling and perpetuating the ongoing violence and human rights abuses against Palestinians. Providing such a significant military aid package, particularly offensive weaponry like tank ammunition and mortar rounds, undermines efforts toward a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict. It emboldens Israel's military actions that have caused immense civilian suffering and devastation in Gaza. This transfer of arms comes amid widespread condemnation of Israel's disproportionate use of force and disregard for civilian casualties during its offensive in Rafah. Rather than offering unconditional military support, the United States should leverage its influence to pressure Israel to end its illegal occupation, lift the cruel blockade on Gaza, and respect international law and human rights. Continuing to fuel the cycle of violence through weapons transfers enables further oppression of the Palestinian people and perpetuates their denial of basic freedoms and self-determination. In the interests of human rights, democracy, and regional stability, I urge you to reconsider providing such offensive military aid to Israel. The United States should instead use its leverage to push for an immediate ceasefire, protection for civilians, and a negotiated settlement based on peace, justice, and equality for all. Weapons and military force have proven insufficient to resolve this decades-long conflict. It is time to prioritize diplomacy, human rights, and a commitment to a just peace.

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