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To: Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn, Rep. Pfluger

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

May 9

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. Nothing like waking up to read that DJT is busily, blatantly selling the office of the president if he actually wins come November. Lobbying a gathering of oil and gas executives to chip in to get him re-elected and he will give them whatever they ask for. The sun, moon, stars, and planet. Putting aside that we only have the one planet, which is slowing dying, taking us with it, because of our actions. A planet that we should absolutely take action to protect, that we should all care about saving. Instead a man who has declared climate change to be a hoax says he will give our planet away to the highest bidder. “Despite the oil industry’s complaints about Biden’s policies, the United States is now producing more oil than any country ever has, pumping nearly 13 million barrels per day on average last year. ExxonMobil and Chevron, the largest U.S. energy companies, reported their biggest annual profits in a decade last year.” Why the whining from oil and gas? Why can’t they change with the times and use the power and creativity they possess for the good of the planet? Texas should be an example of how to embrace the changing times, and we are. We are expanding wind power like nobody’s business. Solar. EV production. Like a lot of Mr. Trump’s wish list, he wants to take us back in time. But the time has passed for the dinosaur. Just like it has for him. It’s not gonna happen.

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