Protect LGBTQ+ digital rights, avoid broad online censorship
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Protect LGBTQ+ digital rights, avoid broad online censorship

To: Gov. Hobbs, Rep. Gutierrez, Sen. Sundareshan, Rep. Mathis

From: A constituent in Tucson, AZ

May 24

This legislation aimed at installing electronic filters on internet-connected devices raises concerns about potential censorship and infringement on online expression, particularly for LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. Requiring age verification through identification could severely limit access to vital online resources, social connections, and safe spaces for many queer youth and adults. Such restrictions risk isolating vulnerable populations from essential support networks. While protecting minors is a valid goal, this bill's approach seems overly broad and intrusive. We urge careful consideration of unintended consequences that could disproportionately impact marginalized groups and constrain free speech online. Exploring more balanced solutions that uphold digital rights while addressing specific harms would be preferable to blanket censorship measures.

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