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To: Sen. Cruz, Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cornyn

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

February 26

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. File under the heading ‘We’re not, but we should be.’ Outraged that is. Outraged that a portion of Congress seems willing, ready, and able to disseminate Russian propaganda. Or the alternative, are so gullible that they lost the distinction between true and false, blinded by a political agenda. Either way, they are exhibiting a gross dereliction of duty in apparently not even caring about the distinction. Politics is war I guess. Anything goes. Even your oath to defend your country. Add to that a presidential candidate who never misses an opportunity to trash the country he wants to lead. To overtly and covertly admire a murderous dictator who is, and always will be, hellbent on destroying our democracy. To destroy the very freedoms that allow your GOP frontrunner to take his carnival of chaos and hate around the country. Where he is so successfully sowing and growing seeds of anarchy, creating an atmosphere where his followers look at Putin and say ‘Yeah we need some more that here in this lousy country.’ Shouldn’t he be spending at least a semblance of concern for American citizens being held as political prisoners in Russia? Shouldn’t he be encouraging his Congress to pass military funding for Ukraine so America doesn’t eventually have to send troops to Europe? Shouldn’t he be concerned, maybe outraged, that a leader he admires has, is, and will continue to have his political opponents murdered? Shouldn’t our Congress reflect on how they’ve seemingly become disseminators of information designed to harm the country? But no. Putin thinks that he's winning, because we've blinked, because we don't seem to have the courage either politically or morally right now, to stand up and support Ukraine in fending Russia off. Our Congress won’t act. And won’t acknowledge a potential role in spreading misinformation. A GOP candidate for Prez is telling him he can whatever the hell he wants if he’s elected in November. And some portion of us think that’s A-OK. I expect Putin is giddy. But America is not what DJT and Putin think we are. Come November we’ll prove that. Once and for all.

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