An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Dover, NJ

May 27

Hello, I'm writing yet again as a horrified constituent watching my representatives blithely ignore, and even support, the genocide in Palestine. You are supporting Israel, which just sent refugees to a specific place to flee and then bombed that place. So clearly that's okay with you? I've tried to be very professional in messages in the past but you have shown your true colors in your inaction, and your sending of money and weapons without congress approval, and I simply don't care to act professional any more. You are watching this happen, actually funding and arming, this human rights atrocity. What else am I supposed to say? If you've seen the genocide unfold as it has this far and you still don't care, nothing will make you. The blood is on your hands; you have the power to make a major change, and if you don't even try then you are beyond hope. I will keep writing, contacting my representatives including your offi e, boycotting and divesting from Israel, and donating to Palestinian causes, and voting true to my conscious in the coming election. I'm terrified that you will lose the election because you are, again, arming and funding, a genocide, and your voters aren't stupid. We see this, and many will not vote for you because of it, and I can't really blame them.

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