Support housing reform bills to address PA housing crisis
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Support housing reform bills to address PA housing crisis

To: Sen. Haywood, Rep. Khan

From: A verified voter in Philadelphia, PA

April 30

The housing crisis in Pennsylvania requires urgent action from our state legislators. The severe shortage of nearly 100,000 homes across the Commonwealth is driving up costs, lengthening harmful commutes, and exacerbating homelessness. This lack of attainable housing choices is harming our economy and quality of life. We need to pass bipartisan statewide legislation that removes exclusionary zoning barriers and allows for the construction of "missing middle" housing types like duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes in larger municipalities. These bills would re-legalize starter homes on modestly-sized lots, permit accessory dwellings, and enable more housing near jobs by allowing mixed-use development. Such common-sense reforms will boost housing affordability and access while growing our communities sustainably. I urge you to support bills HB1976, HB2045, HB1988, and SB1126 to increase our housing supply and choices for all Pennsylvanians.

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