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Map PinChester Springs, PA


Israeli occupation forces bombed a refugee tent camp in the designated safe zone of Al-Mawasi in southern Gaza overnight, resulting in the deaths of eight Palestinians. "We were hit by Israeli shelling in a supposedly safe area... the children were sleeping here," - Fatima al-Qia, an elderly displac

Map PinPhiladelphia, PA

Oppose Senate Bill 1260 - Stand with Israel Act

I'm writing to ask you to oppose the "Stand with Israel" Act proposed by Senator Santarsiero. This bill's goal is to establish unconditional support for another country, which I do not support. Governments change over time, and I am deeply uncomfortable with the idea that Pennsylvania would legislat

Verified VoterWest Sunbury, PA

Urgent Action: Protecting Small Businesses from Counterfeits & Tariff Inequities

I am writing to you as a dedicated small business owner and constituent regarding the pressing issues of counterfeit products and current tariff policies on raw materials versus finished goods. These factors profoundly affect small businesses like mine across the United States, and I urge you to tak

Map PinPittsburgh, PA

Oppose the Credit Card Competition Act.

As a concerned American citizen, I find myself compelled to voice my strong opposition to The Credit Card Competition Act currently being discussed in our Congress. While the proposed legislation purports to enhance competition and consumer choice, I believe it poses significant risks that far outwe

Map PinPittsburgh, PA

I am SHOCKED and ANGERED that the conservative majority of the Supreme Court is allowing bump stocks to go back on sale. THIS IS INSANE and the majority of Americans are opposed. It puts ALL OF US at risk for death by an unhinged whacko who could turn up anywhere. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. Congress must

Verified VoterJohnstown, PA

A recent report from the United Nations reveals the use of the Hannibal Directive as well as many more disturbing revelations committed by Isreal including sexual violence. And still we send support. Why?

Map PinMontrose, PA

BLM Horse round ups

g our country's range lands and warming our climate yet you allow them to dictate what lives on OUR land? No more BLM lack of management! Please STOP the BLM horse round ups. There are no valid reasons to torture and sell to slaughter these native wild animals. Cattle ranchers are destroyin

Verified VoterPhiladelphia, PA

Investigate Justices Thomas & Alito

I'm writing to express my concern about the close association Justices Thomas and Alito have to the Jan 6 insurrection. As your constituent, I ask you to call for the Senate to investigate whether Thomas and Alito should recuse or even resign. We cannot have insurrectionist judges on the bench.

Verified VoterAllison Park, PA

Leaning towards sitting out this election here in Pennsylvania. Democrats are choosing to stomp on innovation and let the rest of the world take the le Biden's vow to veto the crypto resolution coming from Congress has me, someone whose voted Democratic in every federal election for the past 20 yea

Map PinSellersville, PA

As your constituent, I am contacting you because Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted an invitation to give a joint address to Congress, and it’s expected this will happen sometime before the August recess. But Netanyahu should not be given this platform. He has used the war in Ga

Verified VoterExton, PA

I'm writing to express my concern about the close association Justices Thomas and Alito have to the January 6 insurrection. As your constituent, I ask you to call for the Senate to investigate whether Thomas and Alito should recuse themselves from any January 6–related cases—or even resign altogethe

Map PinPottstown, PA

Crisis at University of Arts: Support impacted students, ensure degrees

The sudden closure of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia has left students in a precarious situation, disrupting their academic pursuits and future plans. Without a proper teach-out plan or clear guidance from the administration, many face uncertainty about completing their degrees, transfer

Map PinPottstown, PA

Clarence Thomas must recuse

The revelations of lavish undisclosed gifts received by Justice Clarence Thomas from a Republican megadonor raise serious ethical concerns and undermine public trust in the impartiality of the Supreme Court. Thomas' failure to report these gifts, potentially worth millions, violates federal ethics r

Map PinRostraver Township, PA

Oppose the DFR Act

Please oppose the Drones for First Responders Act, a misleading name for a bill that would hurt drone users like me across the country. This bill would create new taxes on the most popular drones in the U.S. and by 2030, ban those drones entirely. The drones that would be banned are popular for a r

Map PinRostraver Township, PA

Oppose H.R. 2864

Please oppose the Countering CCP Drones Act, HR 2864 and attempts to include it in the 2025 NDAA. This wide reaching ban would hurt Americans like me who use drones for business, research, recreation or public safety. It prevents new products from the world’s most popular drone manufacturer from co

Map PinPhiladelphia, PA

Support congestion pricing for cleaner NYC air and transit

I was disappointed to read about Governor Hochul's recent decision to pause congestion pricing. Congestion pricing is a vital initiative to reduce traffic and emissions in urban centers. It has proven effective in cities worldwide, decreasing pollution while raising funds for public transit improvem

Verified VoterAllison Park, PA

Leaning towards sitting out this election here in Pennsylvania. Democrats are choosing to stomp on innovation and let the rest of the world take the le my president and the nominee of my party is unreasonably against it and against legislative clarity. Congrats on driving this life long Democrat

Verified VoterConnellsville, PA

Support SB 1186

I would appreciate a yes vote on at Senate Bill 1186 that would raise the state minimum wage to $20 an hour Not so much for my benefit but for the benefit of all the folks out there working three and four jobs to survive 7.25 an hour wasn’t enough to live on 18 years ago. It certainly isn’t enough

Map PinImperial, PA

Stop Endangering Our Community with Gun Votes

I am writing to express my deep frustration and concern regarding your recent voting record on several crucial gun control measures. As a constituent, I am particularly troubled by your votes against establishing an Electronic Record of Gun Sales, banning Machine Gun Trigger Switches, implementing E

Map PinImperial, PA

Pass a strong farm bill to help end hunger!

According to Feeding America's recently released Map the Meal Gap 2024 report, 100% of congressional districts, including yours, are home to people facing hunger. I’m writing to urge you to pass a strong farm bill and strengthen crucial federal nutrition programs like The Emergency Food Assistance P

Map PinPittsburgh, PA

It is crucial that you support the Right to Contraception Act, S.1999. I support our fundamental right to choose if and when to create our families when we deem best without government interference. Our right to contraception needs to be affirmed by law to keep it safe. I hope I can count on you to

Verified VoterIrwin, PA

I'm writing to urge you to oppose any and all anti-transgender legislation including the bills restricting gender-affirming care for trans youth, banning trans athletes from participating in sports based on their gender, or preventing transgender people from seeking support as they see fit. Experts

Map PinPhiladelphia, PA

Right to Contraception

I urge you to strongly support the Right to Contraception Act. Vote YES. American women and families are counting on you.

Verified VoterPenn Hills, PA

Congress should not repeal or weaken Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 has been vital in fostering the growth and innovation of the internet as we know it today. It establishes the principle that online platforms are not liable for user-generated content, enabling the free e

Verified VoterLancaster, PA

Uphold Reproductive Rights: Pass Right to Contraception Act

The context provided outlines a proposed bill, the Right to Contraception Act, which aims to protect an individual's ability to access and use contraceptives, as well as a healthcare provider's ability to provide related services. Given the importance of reproductive rights and healthcare access, th

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