Restore integrity and fairness in hiring practices
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Restore integrity and fairness in hiring practices

To: Sen. Braun, Sen. Young, Rep. Spartz

From: A constituent in Marion, IN

May 5

The hiring process in many organizations is plagued by unethical practices that disadvantage job seekers. Posting fake job listings to create a false impression of growth, ghosting qualified candidates without explanation, and lowballing salary offers erode trust and hinder the ability to attract top talent. Furthermore, nepotism and prioritizing arbitrary notions of "cultural fit" over objective qualifications breed resentment and stifle diversity. To address these systemic issues, standardized hiring procedures must be established. Companies should be prohibited from advertising openings they have no intention of filling, and positions should have a defined timeline for being filled or removed from listings. Nepotism must be eliminated, with all candidates undergoing the same rigorous, objective evaluation process based solely on their merits and qualifications. Moreover, to counteract biases and ensure a level playing field, applicants with relevant degrees or certifications should be given priority consideration over those without equivalent credentials. Adherence to these principles will restore integrity to hiring, foster a qualified and diverse workforce, and cultivate an environment of fairness, transparency and equal opportunity for all job seekers.

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