Prioritize Diplomacy Over Strikes in Yemen Conflict.
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Prioritize Diplomacy Over Strikes in Yemen Conflict.

To: Sen. Klobuchar, Rep. McCollum, Pres. Biden, Sen. Smith

From: A constituent in Saint Paul, MN

February 25

The recent military actions in Yemen, involving the United States, the United Kingdom, and six other allies, have raised significant concerns. These strikes targeted 36 Houthi positions, with no reported casualties. This follows similar actions in Iraq and Syria, leading to a potential escalation of violence in the region. It is crucial to reconsider this approach and seek peaceful, diplomatic solutions. The Houthis' demands include allowing humanitarian aid into Palestine. If Israel ceases to block this aid, it could lead to a de-escalation of tensions. Therefore, the request is to halt further strikes on the Houthis, encourage Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Palestine, and focus on dialogue and negotiation to ensure regional stability. The rationale is to prioritize peace and stability over aggressive actions that may lead to further violence. (Source:

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