Rein in PG&E profits, protect customers from rate hikes
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Rein in PG&E profits, protect customers from rate hikes

To: Gov. Newsom, Asm. Berman, Sen. Becker

From: A verified voter in Campbell, CA

July 11

PG&E's soaring profits accompanied by skyrocketing customer bills are deeply concerning. According to recent reports, the utility giant recorded a 28.6% increase in profits for the first quarter of 2024, reaching $732 million. This substantial profit growth coincides with a 22.3% rise in average monthly bills for residential customers compared to the previous year. The company justifies the rate hikes as necessary for funding critical safety measures, yet customers are bearing an unfair burden while PG&E enjoys windfall profits. This situation demands intervention to protect customers from excessive rate increases that primarily benefit the utility's bottom line. PG&E should be compelled to implement measures that balance infrastructure investments with affordability for customers. Potential solutions could include temporarily capping rate increases, exploring alternative financing options, or implementing a profit-sharing mechanism to provide relief to overburdened customers. Rigorous oversight and accountability measures are crucial to ensure PG&E operates transparently and prioritizes the welfare of its customer base over excessive profiteering.

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