Disappointed and Concerned with the Court
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Disappointed and Concerned with the Court

To: Sen. Cotton, Sen. Boozman, Rep. Womack

From: A verified voter in Fayetteville, AR

July 2

The Supreme Court of the United States has lost its credibility. During their Senate confirmation hearings, at least four judges stated that Presidents are not above the law.It appears these judges misled us during their hearings. Why have they changed their stance?Judges who were not truthful during their Senate hearings should face impeachment. Additionally, Justices Thomas and Alito should have recused themselves due to conflicts of interest involving their wives. The actions of the Republican-appointed judges have severely damaged the Court's credibility. This should be a grave concern for all members of Congress. Before 2016, many of you likely agreed with me that Trump is a deceitful and dangerous individual. What happened to the values we hold dear in Arkansas? Steve, Tom: both of you served in the military. How can you support Trump? He dodged the draft, insulted military personnel, and seeks to use the military against American citizens. Trump's rhetoric is full of nonsense. If you need a reminder of what that smells like, visit a bull farm in Arkansas. Let's be honest, you seem indifferent to the harm being done to our democracy by the Court's decisions. If Presidents have immunity, then Biden should also be immune. He could declare a national emergency. The Court's ruling suggests that the Constitution does not explicitly separate powers. If that's true, Biden could assume control over the Courts. According to the Court, Presidents have immunity. Therefore, Biden is effectively a king until further notice. Correct? Thank you for your time. I hope you will start taking my concerns about Trump more seriously.

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