An open letter to Sen. Scott, Rep. Paulina Luna, Sen. Rubio.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Scott, Rep. Paulina Luna, Sen. Rubio

From: A verified voter in Saint Petersburg, FL

May 28

How can you all stand idly by as Israel mows down tens of thousands of innocent civilians on our dollar, and with our weapons? Where is your moral compass? Even conservative TV commentator Piers Morgan acknowledges that enough is enough. Israel has decapitated Palestinian babies, yet the world was up in arms with the mere suggestion of such a heinous act by Hamas back in October. Have you publicly admonished Israel? Have you done anything beyond virtue signaling by approving "antisemitism bills" that, in reality, are censorship laws which you three decry under normal circumstances. I am not a supporter of Biden, but rest assured that I will NEVER vote for you, especially if you three "hard-talking" (read: feckless) Republicans cannot find your goddamn spine and do something to end this genocide.

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