The presidential race
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The presidential race

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

July 6

I’m writing to encourage you to step down as the primary candidate for the next presidential term. You’ve given honorable service to the United States, and in continued service, please recognize the reality for what it is- immovable, cold, and set. Many, myself included, would not have voted for you in the primary had that debate occurred prior. You, like RBG, are failing to see how your unwillingness to retire at an appropriate time is endangering our country. In all due respect, many older adults have difficulty coming to terms with the limitations of their body, especially when the mind’s limitations don’t match. Your body does not have what is needed to serve effectively and fight for this country’s future. Your soul and spirit do, but with those alone you cannot succeed. God does not explicitly state directions to his believers. It’s amazing how humanity uses God as armor. It appears you now use God to defend your inappropriate candidacy. Perhaps God is speaking through the other politicians and the masses who are fearful for our future because we have a leader who refuses to see his own truth. The worst thing is this is just a legal version of what Trump tried to do. He tried to hold onto power, and so are you. Please do the right thing before it’s too late.

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