YES on ACA-16 Amendment Bill “Green Amendment”
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YES on ACA-16 Amendment Bill “Green Amendment”

To: Gov. Newsom, Asm. Berman, Sen. Becker

From: A verified voter in Saratoga, CA

April 27

Today I take pen in hand to write and urge you to add the ‘Green Amendment’ to our California Constitution, and help ensure the rights to clean air and water for all time. While it will be a steep climb to get the needed 2/3 majority to allow the voters to decide, it’s an increasingly critical issue. This will help keep environmental protections in the forefront of state and national policy, at a time when powerful special interests and shadowy business lobbies are attempting to repeal literally everything that we care about. We must be able to hold polluters to account as we transition to a clean energy grid in the west, and ensure that polluters pay of the clean up they caused. ACA 16 is a vital step towards a host of climate and environmental action. Please support and vote yes on ACA-16 for all Californians, and to set an example of leadership for the whole country. Thank you.

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