Hold PG&E accountable for excessive profits, protect customers
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Hold PG&E accountable for excessive profits, protect customers

To: Gov. Newsom, Sen. Becker, Asm. Berman

From: A verified voter in Campbell, CA

July 6

PG&E's shameless report of nearly 25% increased profits to $2.2 billion for 2023, on the heels of gouging customers with substantial rate hikes, is an outrageous insult. How dare this corporate monolith bleed its customers dry with some of the highest bills in the nation, using phony excuses about system investments while its shareholders rapaciously pocket these sickening windfalls? This egregious profiteering at the expense of hardworking people is galling exploitation, pure and simple. We demand an immediate crackdown to protect consumers by capping any future rate increases to the bare minimum cost of living adjustment. PG&E's abusive monopoly must no longer be a blank check to endlessly jack up pricing and generate obscene profits through unchecked greed. The people's interests must finally take priority over this utility's endless gluttony for profit.

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