An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Snoqualmie, WA

July 6

Every headline I read about you is worse than the last. Every quote I read about you -- from Democrats! -- is worse than the last. And every quote I read *from* you is demonstrating an ego nearly the size of Trump's. n be voting *against Trump.* I did not vote for you in 2020; I voted against Trump. And if I have to grit my teeth and fill in the bubble next to your name this November, I will agai Have you really not heard us screaming "vote blue, no matter who" for the last decade?!? You, Joe Biden, are not The Chosen One, beloved by the lowly Am erican voters. You were damage control, a lesser evil, a desperate hope that we could maybe still claw democracy and rule of law back from the brink. l career. And now you're falling apart in front of everyone, apparently letting your outsized ego and desperation to cling to power overshadow your entire politica many of us have had with parents and grandparents when convincing them that they needed to give up driving or move into assisted living. But the fear b The "anonymous sources" quoted in the Washington Post talking about strategies to convince you to step aside sound alarmingly like the conversations that ehind those conversations was that Grandma might injure or kill someone, not that Grandpa might bring about the end of American democracy! shines as brightly as possible. Make your final political act a selfless one! STEP ASIDE. And not just from the election! Resign, and give us four months of President Harris. Stay in the White House as a mentor, and make sure she 's less terrifying when you say it, but only slightly. So stop making this election about you, and STEP ASIDE. Trump was *terrifying* in 2015 with his fascist claims that "only *I* can save America!" Thanks to your well-established respect for the rule of law, it

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