Our country is in danger
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Our country is in danger

To: Rep. Brown, Sen. Brown, Sen. Vance

From: A constituent in Cleveland, OH

July 3

Given the state of our state politics, the presidential candidates, and the supreme court, I am terrified. We are just months away from potentially electing a madman to be president with virtually unlimited power and zero checks and balances. The incumbent president seems to be mentally functioning only part of the time. What are we going to do? How are we going to get through this? When do people start saying, "This is just too much?" I'm asking you to DO something, anything, to change course, so that we can still have a representative democracy in January. Please, do you understand the anxiety your constituents are feeling at this moment? It all looks grim. What about some constitutional amendments? One idea would be to amend the constitution to specifically ban felons from becoming President. Another could specify an upper age limit for all federal officials, 70 years old max. We need an amendment to state that the president is not above the law. I would also suggest expanding the supreme court, since it seems so out of step with the country. Can we impeach the justices who are taking bribes and who are clearly biased for a disgraced former president? I'm asking for a return to sanity. How can we correct course here? I mean, how can we survive if Trump is re-elected? He would become president for life. Is that really what everyone wants? Please we need help.

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