Prevent a GOP monarchy
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Prevent a GOP monarchy

To: Rep. Beatty, Sen. Brown, Sen. Vance

From: A verified voter in Blacklick, OH

July 7

The Supreme Court's ruling granting blanket immunity to presidents from criminal prosecution for official acts is a grave threat to democracy and the rule of law. Allowing any president to commit crimes without consequence is tantamount to establishing a monarchy. We cannot stand by as this destructive precedent enables future presidents to abuse their power with impunity. As your constituent, I implore you to take immediate action to pass a constitutional amendment restoring accountability for presidents. A system that places any individual above the law, especially one in such a position of power, is antithetical to the principles this nation was founded upon. Unchecked presidential authority paves the way for tyranny and the dismantling of our democratic institutions. The Supreme Court's ruling represents an existential crisis that Congress must address decisively and without delay. Failure to act swiftly would be an unconscionable dereliction of duty. Our representatives must demonstrate their commitment to preserving American democracy by undoing this reckless decision and reaffirming that no one is above the law. The future of our republic hinges upon your actions at this pivotal moment.

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