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To: Gov. Abbott

From: A verified voter in Lufkin, TX

May 29

You claim that you fought to end Roe v. Wade to "protect the lives of innocent children". Yet you are silent as Israel murders over 13,000 children in Gaza (per Reuter's last report). Do those children not matter to you because they're Palestinian? There are innocent people - human beings with dreams and goals and feelings and fears - being burned alive and decapitated by the genocide Israel is leading. If they don't follow Israel's orders they are killed. If they do follow Israel's orders they are killed. If they are vulnerable and weak in a hospital bed they are killed. What more can they do? Israel is committing war crimes and we should not be providing them the money and ammunition to do so. Innocent blood is on your hands. The blood of Palestinians who are scared, Palestinians who are running for their lives, Palestinians who are starving, Palestinians that are begging for mercy. Anyone who continues to ignore or enable the genocide in Gaza is a coward. So my question to you is: are you a coward Governor?

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