Stop RAFAH Massacres now!
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Stop RAFAH Massacres now!

To: Rep. Hoyle, Sen. Merkley, Sen. Wyden

From: A constituent in Corvallis, OR

May 29

I am writing to you following the horrific massacres in Rafah, which have seen Israel bomb displaced Palestinians taking refuge in tents on three occasions in just 48 hours. The condemnation of the international community must come with sanctions against Israel for their continued crimes against humanity. I implore you to take immediate action now. The 26th May strike resulted in widespread fires burning people alive, bodies being ripped to shreds and the decapitation of an infant child. The next night, after Israeli spokespeople described the previous attack as a ‘mistake’, they bombed the same area again. Israel also targeted and struck the nearby Indonesian Field Hospital, where medical staff and patients have been trapped due to the intense attacks. The continued targeting of medical facilities severely limits the ability to treat injuries of those initially surviving bombings and gunfire. On Monday, the Kuwait Hospital in Rafah shut down after a strike near its entrance killed two health workers. On May 28th, the third attack on refugee tent camps in 48 hours targeted Mawasi, west of Rafah, killing 21 people. Verified footage shows the bodies of murdered Palestinians scattered on the ground, with survivors frantically attending to bloodied victims. The western part of Rafah city has seen intensified bombardment and artillery fire, the largest increase of attacks following the start of Israel’s recent incursion in early May. Following the overnight bombings that have decimated buildings, Israeli tanks have now reached the centre of Rafah city and seized control of the central roundabout, in addition to Zoroub Hill, the highest hill overlooking the Palestinian-Egyptian border. The tent attacks in Tal as-Sultan followed similar strikes on shelters housing displaced Palestinians in other areas, including Jabalia, Nuseirat, and Gaza City, resulting in the deaths of at least 160 people. Despite the International Court of Justice ordering Israel to halt all operations in Rafah on Friday, 24th May 2024, Israel has shown blatant disregard for international law, continuing its assaults on Rafah. These actions constitute severe violations of international law and humanity. They are not isolated incidents but part of a systematic campaign of terror and genocide against the Palestinian people. Rafah has long been described as a ‘red line’ that Israel must not cross, and by ignoring these concerns and warnings from the international community, Israel must be held accountable. I urge you to advocate for immediate sanctions against Israel, including the suspension of military aid and arms, a two-way trade embargo, and support for international prosecutions of those responsible for these war crimes. The international community must not stand by while such inhumane acts continue. I look forward to seeing you upholding international law by taking decisive action.

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