Mass Rent Control Now!
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Mass Rent Control Now!

To: Gov. Healey, Sen. Rush, Rep. Montano

From: A constituent in Jamaica Plain, MA

July 3

I am a Massachusetts constituent concerned about rising rent costs in my area and across the state. While Massachusetts has passed legislation recently to promote affordable housing, I understand that the state has not recognized rent control as a supported method to protecting renters (particularly students, families, young professionals, and low-income residents) and curbing the financial power of property managers, wealthy owners, and large hedge fund investors. By passing affordable housing measures, you are aware of the housing scarcity, high demands, and high price points of living in Greater Boston and around the state. How much longer are landlords going to be able to get away with charging such high rent? Housing, a basic necessity, should not be scarce or unsafe and prices should not be widely unaffordable. I urge you to consider passing legislation at the state level that legalizes and enforces rent control, so that city governments like Boston may protect their residents and encourage more people to come to our great state. Thank you for our consideration.

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