Donald Trump Must Drop Out
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Donald Trump Must Drop Out

To: Rep. James

From: A constituent in Shelby Township, MI

June 6

Every elected official should be calling for Donald Trump to drop out of the race. Including you. Trump was convicted by a jury of his peers for paying off a porn star to hide an affair that could damage his campaign and he conspired with the leading tabloid in the country to kill negative stories that could hurt his presidential bid. Americans should be outraged and it’s elected officials’ job to make sure they are. If every elected official from city hall to the White House stood up and called on Donald Trump to drop out of the race we would be probably arguing over whether a convicted felon is fit to serve, not whether the conviction was political. This is what would be done in a healthy democracy. There are other Republican candidates more fit to run for president. In other words, you are here to protect our institutions. No other American would be able to hold any job with a decent amount of responsibility let alone the highest office in the land. That’s smart politics.Republicans should be ashamed for promoting a candidate with such bad character, morals, & ethics & for attacking our institutions they are here to protect. They look weak, uncertain, and incompetent. Please do not look weak, uncertain and incompetent.  Donald Trump needs to drop out of the race!

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