Cease U.S. Military Aid to Israel for Gaza Cease-Fire
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Cease U.S. Military Aid to Israel for Gaza Cease-Fire

To: Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler, Rep. Schiff

From: A constituent in Burbank, CA

April 3

The ongoing military campaign in Gaza, one of the most destructive in history, has resulted in a death toll nearing 20,000 Palestinians. The majority of the bombs used, including 2,000-pound "bunker-busters", are U.S.-made. This offensive has caused more destruction than the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II, with over two-thirds of structures in northern Gaza and a quarter in Khan Younis destroyed. The international community is calling for a cease-fire, yet the U.S. continues to supply arms. This support is not in line with the values of justice and human rights. Therefore, it is requested to reconsider the policy of providing military aid to Israel and to advocate for an immediate cease-fire to prevent further loss of life and destruction.

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