Executive response to SCOTUS decision on immunity
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Executive response to SCOTUS decision on immunity

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Seattle, WA

July 2

the law. A president most especially. While a president, like every person, should be afforded the right to a robust defense if accused of a crime relat egal have a name in the constitution: high (i.e., official) crimes and misdemeanors. Our founders knew of what they were referring when they chose this t erm. Thank you for your leadership. P.S. as a speech-language pathologist I also appreciate your outreach to those who stutter. You are a role model. , to obey the law even when given an illegal order by a superior- with emphasis that this applies to orders from the president. I would also like to se I appreciate your short statement this evening regarding the SCOTUS decision on presidential immunity. You need to go farther. I would like to see clea e you sitting down with legislators from both parties to work out a bipartisan solution/response to this decision that roles back presidential immunity a nd re-establishes our commitment as a country to the rule of law. Whether this is legislation, a constitutional amendment, or something else, it should b r executive action laying out official policy in relation to the obligation of all Federal worker, particularly those in the military and law enforcement e paired with court reform. It is clear that our courts are too easy to capture politically and that Supreme Court justices need external constraints reg ed to an official act, and should enjoy the presumption of innocence, there is no justification for the decision of the court. Official acts that are ill arding ethics. At the least, the court should be expanded so that the number of justices equals the number of appellate/circuit courts. No man is above

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