Protect Transgender Students' Rights: Oppose SB 1166
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Protect Transgender Students' Rights: Oppose SB 1166

To: Gov. Hobbs, Sen. Sundareshan, Rep. Gutierrez, Rep. Mathis

From: A constituent in Tucson, AZ

April 27

The proposed Arizona Senate Bill 1166 poses a significant threat to the rights and well-being of transgender students. It mandates parental notification when school employees use pronouns or names that affirm a student's gender identity, potentially infringing on their privacy and autonomy. Furthermore, it allows school employees to refuse to use names and pronouns that affirm a student's gender identity if it conflicts with their religious or moral convictions. This provision could enable discrimination against transgender students. Given the immediate threat this bill poses, it is crucial to take urgent action to protect the rights and dignity of transgender students. Therefore, it is requested to reconsider the support for this bill and work towards policies that respect and affirm all students' identities.

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