Denounce authoritarian attacks on LGBTQ rights in Texas
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Denounce authoritarian attacks on LGBTQ rights in Texas

To: Lt. Gov. Patrick, Rep. Tinderholt, Sen. Parker, Gov. Abbott

From: A verified voter in Bedford, TX

May 7

The recent legislative assault on LGBTQ rights in Texas represents a brazen and unconscionable display of bigotry from our elected representatives. By recklessly advancing bills that strip transgender youth of essential medical care and potentially criminalize expressions of LGBTQ identity, lawmakers have embraced blatant discrimination rooted in hatred and ignorance. This flippant fascist conduct cannot be tolerated in a society that values human rights and human dignity. It is a vile perversion of democracy when those entrusted with governing resort to persecuting and marginalizing vulnerable minorities to pander to the basest prejudices. These oppressive measures inflict grievous harm upon LGBTQ Texans and foster an atmosphere of intolerance that poisons society as a whole. I condemn in the strongest terms this authoritarian descent into state-sanctioned persecution fueled by craven political opportunism. Our representatives must be held accountable for this shameful dereliction of their sworn duty to uphold justice and equality for all citizens.

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