Increase Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit to $300 Million: Support Needed
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Increase Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit to $300 Million: Support Needed

To: Rep. Mayes, Sen. Williams

From: A constituent in Pittsburgh, PA

April 25

The current incentive program of the Pittsburgh Film Office, which offers a 25% tax credit for productions that spend at least 60% of their budget in-state, has shown positive results. However, there is room for significant improvement. By increasing the Pennsylvania film tax credit to $300 million, we could draw more high-profile projects. This would not only stimulate local economies and create jobs but also diversify our economic portfolio. The absence of fees for using state-owned property further enhances the attractiveness of this proposal. This is not just about enhancing the film industry; it's about investing in our communities and people. As someone who has bought a home and supported a family for over 10 years working in the film and TV industry alongside my siblings in IATSE 489 Pittsburgh, I can attest to the personal and communal benefits of such an investment. We need your support to make this happen.

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