Ukraine Peace Summit
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Ukraine Peace Summit

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Cadyville, NY

May 26

Good morning Mr. President, happy Memorial Day. Today I know you're reflecting on the brave service members who have given their lives to protect their nation's democracy against aggression by foreign adversaries, and ask you to offer your direct in-person support to Ukraine as they hold their first Peace Summit in June. As you know, appearances are everything. In these times of disinformation and propaganda through social and broadcast media, messages get lost or distorted as pundits, adversaries and politicians make their plays to the voting base in election season. It's a challenging time in many ways. Luckily, your opponent is defeating himself. As I'm sure you've been briefed, yesterday in Kharkiv there was an attack on an Epicenter, the Ukrainian version of Home Depot, during the afternoon. Another in the countless number of indiscriminate attacks against civilians that Russia has launched. So far, 15 dead and around 40 injured, with DNA being collected from family members of those who are missing within the debris and may not be able to be otherwise identified. As long as it takes. We made a commitment to stand by Ukraine and do what it takes for as long as it takes. I agree. So far, what we have done is helping to prolong the war. We need to stop the war. How can we do that? 2 things: First, attend the Peace Summit in Switzerland in June. In person would be best, but virtually if you cannot be there to shake hands with other world leaders who attend. You've been doing this for a while, you know what's at stake. I have too, with retirements from both the US Army and CBP as I tried to do my part in service to the nation. During those careers, I looked to effective leaders as my example of how to conduct myself on a daily basis. Today I'm looking to you to do the right thing. I'm asking for you to do this for everyone who has served to deter and defeat Russia since the end of World War II and every Ukrainian who has either died in combat or while shopping or attending church. Stop prolonging this, help end it. You're the leader of the free world. You asked for the job and now you've got it. We know there are many competing priorties, but at this point in time there is no greater need for the leader of the free world than this Peace Summit. Second, remove restrictions on the use of US weapons by Ukraine against military targets in Russia. Allow Ukraine to defend itself from devestating indiscriminate attacks against civilians launched from within Russia. There are many vets like myself who feel the same. I'm asking for them as well. We are asking for your leadership on behalf of our ally. All the best to you and Dr. Biden, Mr. President

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