Oppose Louisiana Bill: Reconsider Death Penalty, Prioritize Rehabilitation
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Oppose Louisiana Bill: Reconsider Death Penalty, Prioritize Rehabilitation

To: Gov. Landry

From: A verified voter in New Orleans, LA

February 23

The move to legalize nitrogen gas executions and electrocution in Louisiana raises profound ethical questions. Eyewitness accounts from Alabama indicate that nitrogen gas executions can be violent and distressing, contradicting assertions of its humaneness. The proposed bill's provisions to conceal records related to lethal injection drugs further undermine transparency. Instead of finding alternative methods of execution, it is imperative to reconsider the use of the death penalty entirely. It is urged to halt the progression of this bill and instead concentrate on comprehensive criminal justice reform that values life and rehabilitation over punitive measures. As Republicans, setting an example by upholding the principles of life and human dignity should be a priority.

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