Demand full investigation into Trump's ties with Epstein
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Demand full investigation into Trump's ties with Epstein

To: Rep. Garcia, Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Cruz

From: A verified voter in Houston, TX

July 6

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal has raised disturbing questions about potential connections between the disgraced financier and powerful figures like Donald Trump. While the newly released documents do not provide a definitive smoking gun linking Trump to Epstein's criminal activities, they highlight the close friendship between the two men over several years. There are legitimate concerns that require a full accounting and transparency. I urge you to use your position to demand a thorough investigation into Trump's relationship with Epstein and any knowledge he may have had about the horrific crimes of child sexual abuse and trafficking. The American people deserve to know the truth, and all those involved or complicit in these reprehensible acts must face justice, regardless of wealth, fame or political connections. It is a moral imperative to protect the most vulnerable members of society, especially children, from exploitation and abuse. I respectfully request that you take decisive action to get to the bottom of this disturbing matter and ensure accountability for any wrongdoing uncovered. The integrity of our nation's leaders and the securing of justice for victims must be paramount concerns.

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