An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Boise, ID

May 15

The United States is looking weak. We have told Israel that we will not transfer arms to them if they continue to pursue a ground invasion of Rafah. And yet, it seems as though you are going to proceed with the arms transfer any way. This is unfathomable. It tells Israel that there is zero check on genocide and wanton civilian causalities and indeed, that we will fund their destruction no matter what they do. It is immoral, a weak diplomatic position, and not upholding our American values. I cannot stand the thought of my taxpayer dollars going to bomb women and children that are trapped and have nowhere to go. Please, do not give Israel a single additional arm until they agree to a ceasefire. They do not deserve our support to commit war crimes. No country does.

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