Support ETHICS Act to ban congressional stock trading
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Support ETHICS Act to ban congressional stock trading

To: Rep. Lieu, Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler

From: A verified voter in Los Angeles, CA

July 11

The public's trust in our elected officials has been severely undermined by the rampant stock trading activity of members of Congress. It is a blatant conflict of interest that allows lawmakers to profit from insider information and legislate in their own financial interests rather than serving the needs of their constituents. This unethical behavior perpetuates a corrupt system that enriches the powerful at the expense of the people. The bipartisan ETHICS Act presents a crucial opportunity to address this corrosive issue and restore integrity to our government. By prohibiting stock trading by members of Congress, their spouses, and dependent children, we can eliminate the temptation for lawmakers to prioritize personal gain over the public good. An overwhelming majority of Americans across the political spectrum support such a ban, recognizing it as a necessary step to rebuild faith in our democratic institutions. I urge you to listen to the will of the people and support the ETHICS Act. It is a commonsense reform that will help ensure our representatives are working solely for the benefit of their constituents, not their stock portfolios. Let's seize this chance to end the detrimental conflicts of interest that have eroded public trust in our government. The ETHICS Act is a critical first step in restoring accountability and ethical leadership in Congress.

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