Condemn Israel, Not Protesting Students
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Condemn Israel, Not Protesting Students

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Nashville, TN

May 1

The recent crackdowns on protests at Columbia, Texas, and other universities across the country are appalling and extremely dangerous. They are dangerous because they are begging to be the reenactment of Kent State. They are dangerous because they are setting a precedent. They are dangerous because Democrat voters are overwhelmingly against the war in Gaza and Democrat politicians’ responses to the war, these protests, and the crackdowns will make or break them in this upcoming election. As a registered Democrat, I feel a profoundly frustrated with and ashamed by the party's response to these issues. Many of us voted for you because we believed you represented our values, yet your condemnation of the protesters and continued support for Israel proved to us that is not true. Voters have been screaming at you and other Democrat politicians exactly what we want and expect, yet the party seems firmly committed to doing the exact opposite. This is a prime opportunity to engage with young people. Instead, your condemnation of the protesters further alienates you. I truly do not understand. None of us understand. I am begging you: Stop supporting Israel. Stop condemning protestors at universities. Don’t support police in riot gear taking over a university or else someone will get hurt or die. Listen to what voters are saying. Listen to what voters are screaming. We feel hopeless and terrified of the world we wake up to every day.

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