An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Coral Springs, FL

July 8

Mister President, the debate was rough, it happens. I believe in you. I believe that you are the last thing standing in the way of American Hitler, and you gotta stay in the race and stay strong. America needs you, this isn't going to be a president hindenburg ('30s germany) situation. We believe in you, we trust you, this is going to be what defines your career and your life. You saved America from falling towards fascist ideals. An idea i thought would and could never happen in the United States. But decades of Republicans chipping away at free education, the division of church and state, people having bodily autonomy over themselves. This is dangerous and I know it stinks to be getting brow beaten by people who think they know better. I know what happens to an America run by American Hitler in 2025, it can NOT happen, not on your watch. America needs you now more than ever. <3

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