Immediate sanctions against Israel
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Immediate sanctions against Israel

To: Assembly Member Cunningham, Sen. Myrie, Gov. Hochul

From: A constituent in Brooklyn, NY

May 27

I am writing to you following the horrific massacre in Rafah, which has seen Israel bomb displaced Palestinians taking refuge in tents. The strike resulted in widespread fires burning people alive, bodies being ripped to shreds and the decapitation of an infant child. Over 45 Palestinians have been confirmed killed, with more remains continuing to be discovered in the aftermath. This atrocity followed a deliberate strategy of deception. Four days prior, occupation forces directed Palestinians to move to an area designated as “block 2371,” labelled a “safe area.” This same location became the target of the massacre, exposing a calculated plan to target vulnerable civilians seeking refuge. Majed al-Attar, a displaced person from Beit Lahiya, described the horror: “We were sitting in tents, and suddenly the camp was bombed. I lost five family members, all of whom were completely burned, among them pregnant women. Every time they told us that this area was safe until we were bombed. We left the area east of Rafah to the west of the city, thinking there was safety, but now there is no safe place in Gaza. There are massacres everywhere.” Adding to the gravity of the situation, an American-made 2,000-pound bomb was used in this massacre, with assistance from the United Kingdom, which had a British Airforce Shadow R1 Spy Plane flying over Gaza at the time. This attack in Tal as-Sultan followed similar strikes on shelters housing displaced Palestinians in other areas, including Jabalia, Nuseirat, and Gaza City, resulting in the deaths of at least 160 people. Despite the International Court of Justice ordering Israel to halt all operations in Rafah on Friday, 24th May 2024, Israel has shown blatant disregard for international law, continuing its assaults on Rafah. On Saturday, Israeli forces continued attacks, striking the Shaboura camp and areas near the Kuwaiti Hospital. On Sunday morning, Israeli troops killed at least six people in the Khirbet al-Adas area. The Wafa news agency also reported an Israeli air attack on a home in central Rafah, killing at least one person and injuring several others. And then the bombing of the tent camp in Rafah on Sunday night. In the 48 hours succeeding the ICJ ruling, Israel bombed Rafah more than 60 times. These actions constitute severe violations of international law and humanity. They are not isolated incidents but part of a systematic campaign of terror and genocide against the Palestinian people. Words of condemnation are insufficient. Concrete actions must be taken to hold Israel accountable and to halt these atrocities. I urge you to advocate for immediate sanctions against Israel, including the suspension of military aid and arms, a two-way trade embargo, and support for international prosecutions of those responsible for these war crimes. The international community must not stand by while such inhumane acts continue. I look forward to seeing you upholding international law by taking decisive action.

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