Safeguarding Access to Contraception and Reproductive Healthcare Rights
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Safeguarding Access to Contraception and Reproductive Healthcare Rights

To: Sen. Scott, Sen. Rubio

From: A verified voter in The Villages, FL

June 5

The Right to Contraception Act aims to safeguard the ability of individuals to access contraceptives and contraception services, as well as protect healthcare providers' right to offer such care. This legislation recognizes contraception as a fundamental right tied to privacy, health, and equal participation in society. It seeks to prevent limitations that undermine access to contraceptives or related information, while allowing reasonable measures that genuinely advance contraceptive access. The bill affirms Congress' authority to protect reproductive rights under the Constitution's Commerce Clause and the 14th Amendment. By codifying these protections, it addresses efforts in some states to restrict contraceptive access and upholds the longstanding precedent recognizing a constitutional right to contraception.

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