"Safer America Plan"
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"Safer America Plan"

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Charlotte, NC

May 4

Your "Safer America Plan" is a betrayal of the American people and an attempt to drive us deeper into a police state because you hate the idea that Americans love life, liberty, and happiness over your genocidal fascism. Refute your prior stances. Cancel all diplomatic relations with Israel. Drop out of the race. Resign. That's the only way you're remembered as anything but a fascist coward. You've destroyed your legacy in 4 years - you'd done such a good job of hiding all the horrors you committed in the Senate through clever PR whitewashing, and yet you tarnished it all again by being a bloodthirsty monster. Voting for you was the worst moral decision I've ever made in my life. By the way, staffer reading this, resign. That's the only way he'll get the mesage.

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