Stay in Your Lane; Not in MY Name!
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Stay in Your Lane; Not in MY Name!

To: Rep. Mackey, Gov. Parson, Sen. May

From: A constituent in Saint Louis, MO

February 25

I stand against HCR30 (Plocher), SCR24 (Coleman), and SCR25 (Eigel) as a Missourian, and as a human who believes in equality, liberty, and justice for all. I think it is irresponsible for our representatives to use their elected powers to unequivocally support Israel at a time when they have been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians, including over 12,000 children, in just the last 4 months. This rushed political grandstanding is simply a way for politicians to score political points and raise money from certain special interest groups at a time when most Missourians are uncomfortable with what is occurring. These resolutions are disenfranchising the many Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and Jewish-Missourians, along with a majority of Missouri constituents, who would rather our state government focus on policies that have a real and positive impact on our day-to-day lives. As a Missourian who abhors human suffering, I join with organizations such as Veterans for Peace and Jewish Voices for Peace to urge Missouri Legislators to reconsider these resolutions in light of the ongoing and deteriorating situation. I call on you to represent me in this matter and advocate for a sustainable and immediate halt of violence and the restoration of humanitarian aid to innocent children (as there are NO “guilty” children) who are being starved. The window to make this right is rapidly closing. I thank you in advance.

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