An open letter to Rep. Hayes, Sen. Murphy, Sen. Blumenthal.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Hayes, Sen. Murphy, Sen. Blumenthal

From: A verified voter in Danbury, CT

July 7

July 1st, 2024 is the day America officially went from a democratic experiment to a monarchy. The very reason this country was founded was to escape the monarchy but it's clear this rogue Supreme Court does not care. The same conservative justices who cry and whine about their legacies when the public show they have little faith in their decisions. They cry about it but then their decisions show they do not care at all about the majority and just focus on pleasing the fringe minority. They are nothing more than unelected politicians in robes legislating from the bench. Activist judges as the GOP accused liberal judges of being. Every accusation is a confession. I have no faith in this corrupt court and they do not care about I or anybody in the American public. We don't like you cause your rulings are unpopular and out of touch with the mainstream. It's all political. Each of the conservative justices including Roberts who talks about legacy all the time know this. They lied at their hearings about precedent just to get in and then overturned precedent. It's not about precedent or anything else. It's about raw power to legislate from the bench and make this country in their view. They cherry pick garbage arguments and then wrap it in legalese to seem legitimate but it's not. It's just legislating from the bench. If precedent mattered we'd still have Roe, Chevron, affirmative action and many other cases they've legislated on. The conservative majority have made homelessness a crime which is evil and also rich coming from these zealots. They state domestic violence offenders can't have guns but then also overturn a bump stock ban that would save lives. They just go back and forth with nothing about law. It's just politics they rule on no matter how they dress it up. Ruling Donald Trump is immune from crimes is the greatest injustice they have committed. They have set the stage for an autocrat to turn this country into an official banana republic. This kangaroo court has already made America a banana republic but we'd just have an official head now. They may celebrate with lawless recklessness but should remember it's a two way street. Let's see them cry wen a democrat gets in office. Their shortsightedness will always backfire. I call on Congress to reign in this court with real ethics reform and not the BS standards the court made for themselves. You can't trust them to do that as they are corrupt. Looking at all and especially Alito and Thomas as has come out in the last few months and years. You want people to have faith then reign in this rogue fundamentalist court. Do not listen to the whining and crying from the GOP. You need to act? Impeach them, do judicial stripping as you are allowed per the Constitution, or just pack the court. Decorum, civility and tradition aren't excuses to do nothing when this court has already broken that standard. Fix the court if you want anyone to have faith. Minority rule over the majority isn't democracy.

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