Request reconsideration of Biden's candidacy for unity and progress.
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Request reconsideration of Biden's candidacy for unity and progress.

To: Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla

From: A verified voter in Lincoln, CA

June 30

President Biden's tenure has been marked by a steadfast dedication to serving the American people, but recent events have highlighted concerns regarding his ability to effectively lead the nation through another four-year term. In recognition of the unprecedented challenges facing the country, which demand a leader with uncompromising stamina, clarity, and resilience, President Biden's most profound act would be to transfer his delegates to Vice President Kamala Harris. Vice President Harris has demonstrated an exceptional capacity to articulate the administration's accomplishments over the past four years and possesses the communication skills vital to uniting the nation behind a vision for the future. This principled decision would underscore President Biden's unwavering commitment to the greater good and facilitate a seamless transition to a formidable candidate poised to rally the country toward progress and prosperity.

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