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To: Sen. Cornyn, Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cruz

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

June 7

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. Yesterday was a moment to pause and reflect. To ponder the past. To look to the future. To respect, and hopefully learn from, history. I listened to the President’s speech at Normandy. It was moving. Sincere. Inclusive of all people who wage the constant struggle for a better life. A better country. A better world. And he reflected on the certainty that if we do not respect, appreciate, and defend our democratic ways of life, it will surely be the blood of the young and the brave that will be sacrificed in the end. Like D-Day. A sacrifice made on behalf of the world. In a belief that it was frightening in the process, deadly in the execution, but worth the ultimate sacrifice. That is the true measure of heroism. Except if you’re Senator Rick Scott. Then those words delivered with all gravity became ‘disgusting’ in their utterance. Must everything be viewed as a political cudgel? It seems to me that Sen. Scott somehow turned things into a weird read-between-the-lines subliminal conspiracy for Biden to turn a solemn D-Day commemoration into an attack against DJT. Sure. It could be read as that. If you assume that when Biden spoke about authoritarian powers and dictators that want to destroy the world as we know it, he was talking about Trump. Is that what Senator Scott believes? Because he sure seems touchy on the subject. Only someone in total fealty to a cult leader sees every pronouncement, every utterance, every sentiment as a direct attack. Unless he’s just voicing his own fears on the subject. You guys need some serious deprogramming.

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