Right to Contraception Act - Vote Yes!
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Right to Contraception Act - Vote Yes!

To: Sen. Scott, Sen. Rubio

From: A verified voter in Miramar, FL

June 4

It is my firmly held belief that increased access to safe and effective birth control is of utmost importance. Not only should it be a women’s right to choose when (or if) to have a child, contraceptives are a clear way to reduce overall abortion rates and reduce the burden on foster care systems. Not only that, but birth control pills are often a treatment option for several women’s health conditions. It is clear that there is more of a threat to the right to contraception than there has been in decades and, as such, it is very crucial that The Right to Contraception Act is passed to ensure that federal law protects access. Whether or not you see the threat as large or small, the consequences of limiting access would be incredibly far reaching. I strongly urge you to vote in favor this week in the Senate vote.

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