Uphold free speech rights for campus protests
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Uphold free speech rights for campus protests

To: Asm. Lackey, Sen. Limon, Gov. Newsom

From: A constituent in Big Bear City, CA

May 1

The recent police action against pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University raises concerning questions about free speech rights on college campuses. While universities have a responsibility to maintain order, the forcible removal of peaceful demonstrators risks chilling legitimate political expression. Over 1,300 arrests have occurred during campus protests nationwide, suggesting a widespread crackdown that undermines core First Amendment freedoms. I urge you to uphold students' constitutional rights to protest and voice dissent on important issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Heavy-handed tactics against nonviolent activists only breed more unrest. Instead, facilitate respectful dialogue and find alternatives to harsh disciplinary measures that preserve campuses as marketplaces of ideas. Protecting robust debate is essential for a healthy democracy.

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