A Christie-Harris blended ticket?
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A Christie-Harris blended ticket?

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Decatur, GA

June 28

I appreciate and support you, President Biden. I voted for you in 2008. I respect whatever you decide to do after the debate. But if alternatives are being floated, please consider Chris Christie. I'd much rather have a Democrat, but right now we have to save democracy. I think all R's except the hard-core Trump base would vote for Chistie, if it's between him and Trump. Make a deal... get Christie to agree to support your core principles about abortion, border, NATO, and democracy. He's a slick one (Bridgegate), but having been a prosecutor, he speaks good sense a lot of the time, and he's really into addiction healthcare & support. I did a crossover vote for him in the GA primary (anti-Trump AND anti-Haley, she's icky.) A blended ticket with Christie and Harris should be very appealing. (I love our VP, but I don't think she can beat Trump. ) Thank you, Mr. President, and my regards to the first lady. I support whatever you decide.

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