Rescind your censoring of Tlaib
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Rescind your censoring of Tlaib

To: Rep. Schrier

From: A verified voter in Kent, WA

July 1

I know full well that you joined the vote to censure Rashida Tlaib. I want to know if you are reconsidering that action, seeing how many Innocents are be ing slaughtered in Gaza. How on earth someone can look at what's happening in Israel and think "this is a good move" is beyond me. How little empathy must you have to not hear the pain coming from the Palestinian people? You certainly do not represent my stance and you do not represe nt rational response to genocide. st this butchery and for you to silence a voice trying to be heard that wants Palestinians to live, I sincerely question how progressive you actually are I genuinely hope that you will change direction and fight against the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians in the name of Zionism. Many Israelis are again . Maybe the kickbacks from the Israeli government are just that generous that you can turn a blind eye. Well I can't. And you can trust that if someone mor e in line with my stance comes along, they will have my vote. ives of that. one of Jewish heritage to either ignore or even promote genocide, that has to be the worst heel turn of the century. Maybe remind your fellow representat I would wager that this is the case for many people in the US right now, especially those in districts represented by your co-censurers. Frankly, for any It certainly wasn't that long ago that we were rallying against Jewish genocide, what makes Palestinian genocide ok? Answer me that.

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